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ok, something has been going on in the underground and its totally pissing me off. i am sick of every time someone talking about bad death metal bands, the first name out of their stupid mouths is cannibal corpse, it never fucking fails, especially in rags like trendy metal sick of people acting like cannibal is some band that keeps rewriting their first album, cause that is bullshit...any idiot can listen to eaten.. and then blood thirst and notice that cannibal has progressed a long way from the usual 3 chord death metal. i dont think cannibal would have lasted this long and been as popular as they are if they kept rewriting songs off of their early albums. i can only come to the conclusion that jealousy is the main reason for this constant bashing of a band that has remained true to its sound and its fans from fucking day ONE. and i find that most of the poeple who hate cannibal also support bands who were/are the biggest sellouts. these morons will bash cannibal but then worship at the altar of bands like entombed, carcass, amorphis, opeth, in flames, etc...people like that are whats wrong with the underground, because in reality they want to be mainstream, and they will support any band that constantly makes its music more accessible because they want to look cool in the eyes of mtv an its kind. cannibal, on the other hand, continues to produce technically challenging brutal death metal with equally sick lyrics...when cannibal goes on tour, they try to bring newer bands that are also producing quality brutal death metal, bands like immolation,oppressor,angelcorpse and just recently, spawn of possession. cannibal goes out of its way to promote and support the underground, while many of the "cooler" bands like opeth and in flames, are busy trying to get out of the underground and are forgetting where they came from at the speed of light. and for this reason i will ALWAYS continue to support cannibal corpse, no matter how uncool they are. i dont listen to death metal to be cool, i listen to it cause i fucking love death metal, and i dont give a shit if the mainstream respects it or not. i dont need to see death metal videos on mtv or hear it on the radio to know that death metal is great. if you do, fuck you and everyone else like you. people like you are whats wrong with the underground, not cannibal corpse. the death metal scene is lucky to have a band like cannibal corpse. i also want to give respect to bands like malevolent creation, incantation and immolation, who started around the same time as cannibal and have kept going making high quality death metal out of love for the music, and doing so in complete ignorance of all trends and hardships. bands like them deserve much respect, and if you dont like them at least you can say that they stuck to what they loved and believed in and continue to do so, unlike whatever flavor of the month is on the cover of terrorizer or metal maniacs...

now to something else that is pissing me off...FUCK CHRIS BARNES!!!!! thats right, i said it, and fuck you if you dont like it. thats right, i am a prud member of the "chris barnes is a fat donkey dick smoking douche bag" club. yes, chris was a great vocalist and lyricist when he was in cannibal corpse, but once he left, it was obvious why they gave him the was also obvious when vile was released that he couldnt keep up with their progression. im not some new jack who bought his first cannibal cd last year, ive been into them since tomb of the mutilated came out, and i too was bummed when they first announced his departure. but the fact remains that corpsegrinder far exceeds barnes' vocal abilities. what fischer lacks in lyric writing he more than makes up for with all out vocal annihilation and awesome stage presence(wind mills!!) the lyrics chris writes in 6fu are a far cry from the imaginative detailed gore of his cannibal corpse going to end this with a phrase the crowd was chanting when i first saw cannibal with corpsegrinder-chris who?!?!?
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