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saw this community and i had to join, cause i fucking love cannibal corpse. they were one of the first death metal bands i got into(deicide, napalm death and morbid angel were the others)...i got into cannibal during the tomb of the mutilated days and i still think they kick ass. i also think they are better off without chris barnes. look at him now, he blows, they were right to fire his lame ass...ive seen cannibal live 4 times, last time i saw them was the gallery of suicide tour, i havent seen them since cause i was in the military. unfotunately the venue where they were supposed to play here in nyc has closed down so it got moved to somewhere in new jersey, which blows...either way, i hope to see cannibal live again soon. here is a list of death/black metal band that i like, if you want feel free to add me, ill add you back.

my favorite bands are:akercocke, malevolent creation, incantation, hate eternal, angelcorpse, disincarnate, deeds of flesh, nile, the berzerker, nocturnus, spawn of possession, gorerotted, macabre, mortician, malignancy, devourment, suffocation, monstrosity, pyaemia, severe torture, disavowed, sinister, bolt thrower, vader, vital remains, brutality, marduk, kult ov azazel, origin, black witchery, bloodstorm, impaled, dark funeral, impaled nazarene, summon, mortal decay, divine empire, pyrexia, immolation, broken hope, oppressor, sikfuk, anal cunt, embalmer, death, dehumanized, dying fetus, insatanity, athiest, mayhem(euronymous era), immortal(demonaz era), psycroptic, gorguts, cryptopsy, kataklysm, december wolves, profanatica, dismember, deranged, entombed(old stuff), burzum, dissection, nazxul, diabolic, darkthrone, my dying bride, disembowelment, carcass, krisiun, rebaelliun, krieg, nargaroth, gorgoroth, hate, internal bleeding, internal suffering, lividity, goretrade, anal blast, visceral bleeding, misery index, obituary, satyricon, setherial, discrance axis, human remains, conqueror, evilution, immortal suffering, gorgasm, purest wrath, agoraphobic nosebleed, pig destroyer etc....
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