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Not Bad At All

I know its a little late to say, but i believe that the Cannibal Corpse Concert was the shit!!
I took as many pictures as i could, and the camera actually ran out of space, i took about 180 pictures, and 10 small videos (with no sound...gay)
After the Concert i met the guys and they were all fucking cool, the drummer was weird tho, and super nice...in the weird way.
The Singer was badass, and me and mike (hexbox) got to take a picture with him.
I met the bassist, and he was on all kinds of shit, the pictures i took with him speak louder the words.
The only thing missing that night was a blunt in my hand... but oh well, it was still the shit!
I got a set list, and i got all the members to sign it, so now i praise it and will soon frame it...maybe...
I cant wait for the next time they come, i will be sure to be there. as anyone should.
i will probably post some pictures in my journal, which i just made. so feel free to check that out whenever possible.

Dr. Soos

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